RT looks at the latest ventilators and ventilation products on the market from manufacturers like Dräger Medical, Hamilton Medical, Ventec Life Systems, and more.


Hans Rudolph Inc

Recently, Hans Rudolph Inc applied a new manufacturing method that has made it possible to produce a new low-cost, disposable short term, NIV mask that still meets Hans Rudolph’s high product standards. The new Eagle Disposable Mask is a true hybrid mask for short-term noninvasive ventilation manufactured with proprietary methods to deliver a low cost NIV mask needed in EMS market. The mask is made out of an extremely soft material that is specifically made to ensure a comfortable fit and seal. The Eagle mask offers extremely low deadspace, which translates into less work of breathing. The masks come with four optional swivels: AAV with CO2 vented elbow, AAV-only elbow, nonvented elbow, and nonvented straight. This multipurpose mask can be used at crash site, prehospital transport, acute hospital care, or sub-acute hospital care. (See image above.)


Dräger Medical

Dräger’s Evita Infinity V500 critical care ventilator is suitable for all patient ranges: neonatal, pediatric, and adult. It offers new concepts in ventilation, such as APRV with auto-release, configurable SmartCare/PS, and variable PS. It’s standardized nomenclature and customizable interface improves workflow and enhances ICU safety. The V500’s ability to provide invasive, noninvasive, and O2 therapy offers a comprehensive array of therapy to adapt to the patient’s changing requirements.

The Babylog VN500 from Dräger is a ventilation system designed to meet the unique challenges of the neonatal patient. The Babylog VN500 offers a wide array of neonatal features to minimize lung injury, improve safety, and improve the environment of care for infants to thrive. Accurate tidal volume delivery as low as 2cm3, measurement and compensation for ET tube leakage, and volume guarantee options ensure proper ventilation and monitoring of the smallest of patients. In addition to conventional ventilation therapies, the Babylog VN500 can provide noninvasive ventilation and O2 therapy which can greatly improve the workflow for clinicians.


Ventec Life Systems
1-844-MY-VOCSN (698-6276)

The VOCSN Multifunction Ventilator (HCPCS E0467), from Ventec Life Systems, integrates five separate devices, including a critical care ventilator, 6 LPM equivalent oxygen concentrator, Touch Button Cough assist, hospital grade Suction, and high-performance Nebulizer, into a single, portable device. VOCSN provides invasive, noninvasive, and mouthpiece ventilation for pediatric and adult patients. Designed to work in hospital, institutional, transport, and home environments, VOCSN delivers a comprehensive set of ventilation modes and settings to meet patient’s needs. The advanced unified respiratory system combines responsive leak and circuit compensation as well as precision flow trigger controls to enable comfortable breathing and accurate therapy.

Ventilation_Hamilton_G5-1500Hamilton Medical
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The Hamilton-G5 is Hamilton Medical’s most modular mechanical ventilator. A range of features allow clinicians to tailor the Hamilton-G5 to fit the requirements of their intensive care unit and meet individual patient needs.


Bio-Med Devices

The new transport TV-100 Ventilator from Bio-Med Devices can be used by patients of all ages. The device has a turbine compressor and long battery life with hot-swappable batteries. It features all the traditional modes, plus PRVC and noninvasive ventilation. The device also has the ability to be used with a high flow cannula.


Hayek Medical

The Hayek RTX provides an effective method of noninvasive external ventilation. The RTX can be an alternative to traditional forms of ventilation such as mask ventilation or invasive ventilation (ET tube or tracheostomy). The RTX actively controls both phases of the respiratory cycle and has an active expiratory phase.



Servo-U from Getinge aims to make protective ventilation more accessible, understandable and easy to implement. It is designed to enhance user confidence in tailoring treatment to individual patient conditions, so that more patients in all phases of ventilation—controlled, supported, noninvasive, and during spontaneous breathing trials—can benefit from advanced lung protective strategies.


Philips Respironics

The Philips Respironics Connected Trilogy with Care Orchestrator is designed to provide timely ventilation data empowering healthcare providers to deliver quality care and to help reduce scheduled and unscheduled home visits. 80% of DMEs agree that Connected Trilogy with Care Orchestrator has helped improve patient adherence among Trilogy patients.