Resuscitation Carefusion_AirLife_225CareFusion

CareFusion offers reliable and affordable AirLife manual, self-inflating and flow-inflating resuscitation devices. AirLife self-inflating devices feature textured bags for secure handling and user comfort, and include accessories like masks, CO2 detectors, PEEP valve, manometer, expiratory filter, and exhalation diverter. AirLife flow-inflating devices include a latex-free, green neoprene bag with 7 feet of preattached oxygen tubing with a U/Connect-It fitting. Accessories include valved masks, manometer, and red-tipped manometer tubing. 

Resuscitation Mercury_NeoTee_160
Mercury Medical
offers the Neo-Tee, a disposable Infant T-Piece Resuscitator with in-line controller. An affordable bedside resuscitator, Neo-Tee is flow-controlled and pressure- limited, and offers a built-in manometer on the Tee for convenient, in-line viewing of delivered pressure to an infant/patient. The Neo-Tee is easily transportable and can travel with the baby through the continuum of care, from the delivery room to the NICU. 800-237-6418;

Resuscitation Vortran_VAR_160
Providing consistent, reliable, hands-free ventilatory support via a mask or endotracheal tube using a con- tinuous gas flow source, VORTRAN Medical Technology 1 Inc offers the VAR, a single-patient-use, disposable resuscitator. The PC Models can deliver 50% FiO2 by entraining room air, significantly reducing consumption of oxygen. The VAR is not impacted by the electromagnetic field of an MRI scanner. 800-434-4034; 

Resuscitation Zoll_AutoPulse_160
A proven alternative to typical CPR, ZOLL Medical Corp’s AutoPulse Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pump is an automated, portable, chest-compression device. The AutoPulse’s load- distributing LifeBand squeezes the patient’s entire chest. As a result, victims receive more consistent, high-quality compressions than those delivered by simple automated CPR devices, which means improved blood flow. 800-348-9011;