Vortran Medical has been granted FDA 510K and CE certification approval for its new automatic resuscitator called the GO2Vent (Gas Operated Ventilator).

The latest addition to their product line offers an option for ventilation of patients during an MRI or CT scan. The GO2Vent has been tested per FDA regulations by Dr Frank Shellock to meet the MRI compatibility testing and has been approved as a MR conditional device, according to a Vortran press release.

The new model uses copper springs to remove the chance of artifacts in the MRI picture. The GO2Vent can be used on a wide patient population from 10kg and above and can be used for post-operative transport, isolation areas, emergency use and disaster management.

The new GO2Vent offers the user an ability to save on oxygen consumption now with an easily changeable FiO2 controller which allows the clinician to easily change from 100% O2 down to 50% to save gas especially when using a tank during a transportation.

The device has changed colors to blue and offers clinicians a simple three step set up guide right on the device to easily and rapidly set up the resuscitator on a patient especially during an emergency type situation when time is of the essence.