Dale Medical Products Inc launched the UltraGrip, a nasogastric tube holder for NG tube securement.

The 163 UltraGrip will become available on or about July 15, 2024 through distributors worldwide, according to the company.

Key features of the UltraGrip 163 include:

  • Universal Design which allows it to secure all types/sizes of NG tubes;
  • Breathable fabric with a patient friendly adhesive and non-adherent tipped ends;
  • Easy to use and understand single tab design; and
  • Non-adherent, cushioned foam bridge pad which provides superior comfort at the tip of the nose to help prevent medical device related pressure injury (MDRPIs). 

“We are thrilled to introduce the UltraGrip Single Leg NG Tube holder to the healthcare market. This new product is a great example of a clinical solution that satisfies the needs of patients and their caregivers,” said Bob Simpson, President & CEO. 

More information on the 163 UltraGrip is available on the company’s website.