Hans Rudolph Inc offers Acute Care Full Face Masks for CPAP, BiLevel, & NIV Therapy. Disposable single-patient use and reusable multi-patient use masks are available in five sizes, equipped with a chin cup and no forehead bar, which allows patients to wear glasses. One mask, the V2, is available in either disposable or reusable versions. The seal of the V2 is completely redesigned to maximize the V2’s ability to seal to many different types of faces. There is no cumbersome forehead cushion or hard plastic frame in the V2 design, and the color of the port on the front of the mask indicates use for CPAP, bilevel, and NIV therapy. (See image above.) 800-456-6695; www.rudolphkc.com

Sleep_ItamarMed-WatchStudio-275WatchPAT is a wrist-mounted device uniquely designed to enable accessible, cost-effective diagnosis for high volume workflow. Easy to use (no wires, one finger probe) for outstanding patient compliance and lowest failure rate (<1%). The only FDA-cleared HST that measures true sleep time and all sleep stages (wake, light sleep, deep sleep and REM) with a 90% correlation to in-lab PSG. Other advantages: peripheral arterial tone (PAT) signal, and automatically generated reports. 888-748-2627; www.itamar-medical.com 

CPAP_Philips_DreamWear-275Designed to provide many of the benefits of nasal and pillows masks, DreamWear , from Philips Healthcare, allows patients to have the best of both mask types. Its remarkable design directs airflow through the frame so patients can sleep comfortably. The minimal contact, under-the-nose cushion prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation in the nostrils or on the nose bridge. 800-345-6443; www.respironics.com 

CPAP_Innomed_AlohaHDR2-275The Aloha Nasal Pillow Mask from InnoMed Technologies Inc is one of the top rated CPAP masks according to patient online reviews. The Aloha is extremely lightweight and quiet. The Aloha is incredibly stable and has a comfortable seal that requires minimal headgear tensioning. With its floating Ball-and-Socket Elbow, the Aloha Nasal Pillow Mask adapts to the most active sleepers.800-200-9842; www.innomedinc.com 


CPAP_cpapSuppliesPlus-WhisperSoftNasal-140Built with comfort in mind, CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct’s Whisper Soft Mask will transform CPAP therapy into a simple and comfortable experience with a special design that eliminates pressure points on the face and a cushion which provides stability while reducing air leakage. The mask comes in a nasal or full face design. 877-791-3195; www.cpapplus.com

CPAP_Mercury-FlowSafeII-275Mercury Medical is recognized as a leader in providing the highest quality of neonatal, respiratory, anesthesia and critical care devices. When life-saving Emergency Care is in your hands count on Flow-Safe II, the only disposable CPAP system that uses 50% less oxygen consumption while delivering high FiO2 using standard flowmeters. 800-237-6418; www.mercurymedical.com


Sleep_Dymedix-TriplePlayAirflowSystem-225The Dymedix TriplePlay Airflow System incorporates disposable and reusable PVDF airflow sensors with three choices of frequency filtering interface cables. Depending on which interface cable is used, sleep technologists are able to identify apnea and hypopnea events, UARS, and even snore data while using only one PVDF based airflow sensor. Complies with AASM Technical Specifications. 888-212-1100; www.dymedix.com

Sleep_SomnoMed-SOMNOtouch-225The SomnotouchResp from Somnomedics offers a full Level III and IV home sleep test and represents the new generation of sleep testing, being the smallest, intelligent screener available. Additional to the required standard signals, the SomnotouchResp is engineered with integrated actigraphy, ambient light and patient marker. It is easy, comfortable to wear and very reliable. Due to its high resolution touch screen, the SomnotouchResp is patient friendly and intuitive. 866-361-9937; www.somnomedics-diagnostics.com