Respiralogics’ Baby line and Babi.Plus Bubble CPAP are the ideal complement to make delivery of nCPAP or NIV therapy more comfortable for infants and easier for caregivers. Baby Cap and Circuit Bumpers optimize prong and circuit position for a relaxed fit. Meanwhile, Baby Nose Bumper gently holds to the RespiraGel mustache providing a secure grip and nares cushion, and Baby Chin Strap keeps the mouth closed during nasal CPAP or NIV therapy. 855-473-7747; (See image above.)

The B&B Bubbler water seal CPAP valve from B&B Medical Technologies is a convenient, cost effective method to deliver CPAP therapy in neonatal critical care environments. It’s adjustable from 1-10 cm H2O with clearly marked settings. The dual-chambered design allows fluid level to be observed without disrupting therapy. An internal, drainable overflow chamber limits fluid to desired CPAP level.  800-242-8778;

by Airways Development is the convenient economical device for your Bubble CPAP set-up. WaterPAP has a clear 0-10 cm label on a clear canister. The 10 mm corrugated tube is submerged into the water to depth of CPAP pressure prescribed and snapped into a locked position. The canister fits into a custom wire bracket that fits a standard pole clamp. 908-298-9200;