The Pari Vortex holding chamber from Pari Respiratory Care comes in both adult and pediatric configurations and helps minimize the technique and coordination needed for effective inhaler treatments.  The Pari Vortex is a non-electrostatic, metal valved holding chamber that minimizes static charge and ensures patients receive a more consistent dose of medication. 800-327-8632;

aerosol_instrumentation-industries_RTC26C-200Instrumentation Industries Inc is introducing its new inline aerosol adapter, the RTC 26-C, which allows the use of a Combivent Respimat Inhaler inline in a patient circuit. It is placed in the inspiratory limb of the patient circuit. Tight fitting cap maintains pressure when not in use. Single patient reuse (intended to be used multiple times to a single patient while installed in a breathing circuit). Patent pending. 800-633-8577;

aerosol_Thayer_LiteAire-200Available from Thayer Medical, the LiteAire collapsible MDI holding chamber is a unique MDI holding chamber and an innovative alternative. LiteAire’s unique dual-valved MDI holding chamber design delivers pop-up convenience and effective drug output at a fraction of the cost of most plastic holding chambers. 800-250-3330;

ventilation_Ventec_VOCSN-1-315VOCSN, from Ventec Life Systems, includes an integrated nebulizer drive with automatic airflow compensation to ensure accurate ventilation and comfortable breathing. 844-698-6276;