inSleep Health has received 510(k) clearance for the company’s Cloud9 Anti-Snoring System, which is designed to reduce or eliminate snoring in adults.

The Cloud9 System provides comfortable airflow at extremely low airway pressure. The system includes a sports-styled, novel air circuit and innovative small nasal interface, which serves as the mask. Cloud9 users and their bed partners will enjoy quiet restful sleep, free from the disruptive sound of snoring.

Michael Gusky, Founder and CEO of inSleep Health is proud of his invention and of his team’s execution. “This has been my passion and focus for seven years,” says Gusky. He adds, “We expect physicians and heath care professionals to be elated knowing they can finally treat their patients who snore. We learned from doctors the frequency of someone complaining that their wife, husband or significant other is exhausted from being awakened by their partner’s snoring. Very few possess the temperament at 3 AM to lie awake listening to that sound steal their own sleep. Love is probably the last sentiment that’s on their mind,” says Gusky.

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