Pinnacle Sciences is developing a portable, battery-operated “Ventilating Mask” that will incorporate CPAP, bi-level, full ventilation, cough assistance,and high-frequency modes. Later models will also allow for invasive ventilation options. The device line is expected to cost approximately $330.00, with a bundled mask, according to the company.

ventilating-mask-PinnacleSci-275Unlike conventional devices that require a tube to connect from a power unit, this device fits directly on the mask, completely eliminating dead space. This allows for lower pressures to be used, which the company claims will mean significantly increased comfort for the patient. The device can also be used with a tube, be clothes mounted, or put in a pocket.

“We are very proud of this new patented technology, which is set to shake the CPAP/Bi-Level/Cough Assistance and Ventilator markets to the core,” said Wolf Hayek, president and CEO of Pinnacle Sciences. “The proposed price point of this device, we believe, will shake out the weaker players in the respiratory and sleep markets, and send a shock wave through the industry as a whole. The phrase game changer is often thrown around. This technology will likely end the game for some, and allow others to play it in a completely different way altogether.”

More information is available at the company’s website.