Hans Rudolph’s new Eagle 1 and Eagle 2 Masks are disposable single-patient use oronasal masks intended to administer oxygen or other breathing gases into the upper airway for short-term or emergency applications of noninvasive respiratory support or ventilation (NIV) in hospitals, transport vehicles, institutions, or other clinical settings.

The Eagle 2 Series mask has a supplemental, membrane-sealed port for use during insertion of a bronchoscope or other endoscopic device into the patient’s airway while still administering oxygen and other breathing gases. This mask also has a hose barb and female luer integrated in the mask dome. 800-456-6695; www.rudolphkc.com

Drager EvitaDräger’s Evita Infinity V500 critical care ventilator is suitable for all patient ranges: neonatal, pediatric, and adult. It offers new concepts in ventilation, such as APRV with auto-release, configurable SmartCare/PS, and variable PS. It’s standardized nomenclature and customizable interface improves workflow and enhances ICU safety. The V500’s ability to provide invasive, noninvasive, and O2 therapy offers a comprehensive array of therapy to adapt to the patient’s changing requirements. 800-437-2437; www.draeger.com

ventilation_Ventec_VOCSN-1-315Now available from Ventec Life Systems, VOCSN integrates five separate devices, including a critical care ventilator, 6 LPM equivalent oxygen concentrator, Touch Button Cough assist, hospital grade Suction, and high performance Nebulizer, into one unified respiratory system. The VOCSN critical care ventilator provides invasive, noninvasive, and mouthpiece ventilation. Designed to work in hospital, institutional, transport, and home environments, VOCSN delivers a comprehensive set of ventilation modes and settings to meet patient’s needs. The advanced unified respiratory system combines responsive leak and circuit compensation as well as precision flow trigger controls to enable comfortable breathing and accurate therapy. 844-MY-VOCSN (844-698-6276); www.venteclife.com

Drager BabylogThe Babylog VN500 from Dräger is a ventilation system designed to meet the unique challenges of the neonatal patient. The Babylog VN500 offers a wide array of neonatal features to minimize lung injury, improve safety, and improve the environment of care for infants to thrive. Accurate tidal volume delivery as low as 2cm3, measurement and compensation for ET tube leakage, and volume guarantee options ensure proper ventilation and monitoring of the smallest of patients. In addition to conventional ventilation therapies, the Babylog VN500 can provide non-invasive ventilation and O2 therapy which can greatly
improve the workflow for clinicians. 800-437-2437; www.draeger.com

Ventilation_Maquet_ServoU-275The Servo-U, from Maquet, is designed to making protective ventilation more accessible, understandable, and easy to implement. The device can be used on neonates through adults and has a completely touch-based interface that helps clinicians manage ventilation. The Servo-U is equipped with NAVA (Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist) technology and Edi (electrical diaphragmatic) monitoring for enhanced patient-ventilator interaction and greater insight into patient respiratory condition. The platform is designed to grow with the customer and can be upgraded easily and cost-effectively. 888-627-8383; www.maquetusa.com