A partnership between oxygen delivery equipment provider Caire Inc and remote patient monitoring company SynsorMed Inc will combine the companies’ oxygen and monitoring solutions for patients outside of the hospital. The new mobile solution, called Caireview powered by SynsorMed, will be available on Caire’s portable and stationary oxygen concentrators, according to a company press release.

Available on Android and iOS platforms, SynsorMed integrates with FDA approved devices to provide analyses on patients’ oxygen concentrators wherever they are.

According to a report cited by Caire Inc, “remote patient monitoring technologies increase patient access, improve outcomes, and reduce costs for patients with chronic conditions.”

“In the first phase, our B2B customers will be able to connect and monitor a patient’s oxygen concentrator from a customized dashboard which can remotely monitor device alarms and general diagnostics thanks to an app on the patient’s phone and Bluetooth technology,” said Dan Van Hise, Vice President of Marketing for Chart’s BioMedical Group, which owns Caire Inc.

“We strongly believe our innovative machine learning algorithms and ‘internet of things’—enabled platform create a more interactive and immersive experience for Caire’s clients and will go a long way toward generating better overall health outcomes,” said Amin Holmes, Chief Technical Officer of SynsorMed.

More information is available on the Caire and SynsorMed websites.