The US FDA has granted marketing clearance for the iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support) therapy mode for ResMed’s Astral life support ventilators, according to a company press release.

iVAPS adapts to patients’ changing needs by constantly monitoring their actual ventilation and respiratory rate in relation to their target ventilation and respiratory rate, and automatically adjusting pressure support as needed to accommodate each patient’s unique needs, even as their disease progresses.

“The iVAPS therapy mode has been one of the most requested enhancements to the platform,” said Luke Maguire, president of ResMed’s Cardio-Respiratory Care Global Business Unit. “Its introduction dramatically increases Astral’s capabilities and gives pulmonologists, home medical equipment (HME) providers and others more flexibility.”

Adding iVAPS in Astral allows clinicians to now utilize ResMed’s masks, such as the AirFit Series, with a volume-assured mode of ventilation. This will improve the level of care our providers deliver while allowing them to utilize the full breadth of ResMed mask options.

The iVAPS therapy mode is scheduled to be available for Astral in the US in June 2016. It was previously launched for use in Europe in 2015.