The endOclear Liberator Airway Maintenance System, from Endoclear, is a modular system that allows suctioning of the patient’s ETT and airway, effective cleaning of the ETT, and access to the patient’s airway for bronchoscopy and/or bronchoalveolar lavage—all without disconnecting the patient from the ventilator and risking lung derecruitment and hypoxemia. 855-877-8366;

AirwayMgmt_Neotech_NeoBarUse-200Neotech’s NeoBar ET Tube Holder features skin friendly hydrocolloid tabs designed to eliminate the use of potentially harmful tape on delicate neonatal skin. The NeoBar is designed to protect the palate, allow for better oral care, and reduce the occurrence of extubations. The eight color-coded sizes make unit selection easier. 

AirwayMgmt_Dale_242Q-200The 242Q, from Dale Medical, is designed to provide secure positioning and to minimize movement of the tracheostomy tube. The moisture wicking lining on the adjustable neckband leaves the skin dry, reducing the risk of skin breakdown. Secure and easy to use fastener tabs fit any size trach plate. 800-343-3980;

The Halyard Turbo-Cleaning Closed Suction System, which features technology from Ballard trach care, is the only catheter that retracts within a unique, isolated and vacuum-sealed turbulent cleaning chamber. The turbulent cleansing action results in an 89% cleaner catheter tip compared to a standard closed suction system.1 This reduced colonization may help reduce risk of VAE and VAP in your ventilated patients. 844-425-9273;

AirwayMgmt_Respiralogics-SilFlex-200Sil.Flex Pads
Respiralogics absorb and redistribute device related pressure. Contoured surface of Sil.Flex Pads provides a stable, comfortable interface between flange and neck. Early use of Sil.Flex Pads assist in reducing stomal irritation and tissue breakdown. Use of TC Pad decreases air leak around stomal sites by improving the seal between Pads and stoma. 760-560-3555;

BubbleCPAP_BBmedical_Bubbler-110B&B Medical offers the B&B Bubbler dual-chambered wall, which allows fluid level to be observed without disrupting therapy. Internal-drainable overflow chamber limits fluid level within the optimal range. Fill-port for adding fluid without disengaging the circuit. CPAP dial and setting lock minimizes inadvertent setting changes. Closed system reduces risk of atmospheric fluid contamination. 

AirwayMgmt_NJRmedical-NoBiteV-225NJR Medical offers the No-Bite V, which is designed to stop suction catheter induced nasal trauma. It’s a suction catheter introducer for the oral airway with flashlight tip. Voted A Best Practice Solution when nasal suctioning is contraindicated. Bite-Proof design allows patient to bite down on the device while a clinician can easily advance any suction catheter orally instead of nasally, to achieve subglottic suctioning. 877-318-5162;

Intersurgical offers the QuadraLite, an anatomical mask available in four sizes to fit the majority of patient face shapes. Whatever your needs, Intersurgical has a solution to suit your requirements. Our line of eco-friendly adult and pediatric oxygen and aerosol masks are anatomically shaped with a seal for patient comfort and compliance. 800-828-9633;