The DreamStation Go travel CPAP machine has incorporated a heated humidifier, according to The CPAP Shop, an authorized Philips dealer.

At under 2 lbs, the DreamStation Go has long been a customer favorite to deliver sleep apnea therapy on the go. As the only heated humidifier with micro-flexible 12mm tubing on a compact travel CPAP device, the DreamStation Go focuses on patient comfort and portability.

Humidification has been a difficult hurdle for travel CPAPs as the compactness of the machine limits the size of the water chamber. The DreamStation Go has overcome this limitation with advanced water-saving technology. It can deliver a full night of heated humidification by automatically adjusting moisture delivery to ambient conditions and therapy settings. Additionally, if the patient underfills or forgets to fill the humidifier, a heater plate shutdown safety feature prevents the machine from delivering dry, uncomfortable air to the patient.

The DreamStation Go’s heated humidifier is designed to use tap, bottled, or distilled water. Travelers no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of packing or purchasing distilled water after arriving at their destination.

“We are excited to announce the release of the much-anticipated heated humidifier for the DreamStation Go. The ultra-portable DreamStation Go heated humidifier is the market’s thinnest heated humidifier and connects easily to the DreamStation Go travel CPAP. Users will be happy to know that the new heated humidifier works with their mask of choice and was designed to work with tap or bottled water, which means no more late-night searches for distilled water when traveling,” said Tom Catalano, Director of Global Sleep Therapy Marketing, Philips.