Philips Respironics has launched the (positive airway pressure) PAP travel briefcase for sleep apnea users.

The PAP travel briefcase helps sleep apnea users travel when carrying their sleep therapy system. It is the only customized, all-in-one luggage option that organizes PAP equipment, a laptop, and small carry-on items neatly, securely and discreetly, according to Philips.

Two separate bags (one for PAP equipment and one for a laptop) combine into a single carry-on. The two bags zip and unzip easily from one another so either bag can be carried separately.

Measuring 22 in W x 14 in H x 9 in D, the briefcase fits within the FAA maximum carry-on size and has a padded luggage strap that slips over a roller bag easily for convenience.

The PAP travel briefcase may facilitate faster screening through airport security, Philips said.

“With the PAP travel briefcase, not only do customers have a new retail opportunity available to them but they are also helping meet the needs of patients who are looking for smart and convenient solutions when traveling with their sleep therapy system,” said Cheryl Iodice, Senior Director, Field Marketing, Philips Home Healthcare Solutions. “The PAP travel briefcase is another innovation that we believe can help contribute to healthy patients and healthy businesses.”