Dräger has launched the new Savina 300 NIV, the company’s latest ventilator equipped with noninvasive ventilation (NIV). The company said the product was developed “to meet the need for safe, effective and reliable NIV throughout the care continuum.”

Built to Dräger’s exceptionally high standards and backed by its 100+ years of experience in mechanical ventilation, the Savina 300 NIV features automatic leakage compensation to deliver consistent prescribed settings when faced with patient interface leaks. Its built-in turbine with rapid response time and external battery allows operation independent from the central gas supply to facilitate care continuity during patient transfers.

“Both acute and alternative care facilities rely on Dräger for the latest innovations in respiratory care delivered with integrity and dependability,” said Steve Menet, Dräger’s senior vice president of sales, hospital solutions. “Breathing is essential to life so for patients with respiratory challenges any disruptions in the effectiveness of noninvasive ventilation can jeopardize outcomes. With the launch of Savina 300 NIV, we are meeting clinician and patient demand for consistent and safe noninvasive mechanical ventilation in both acute and chronic care facilities.”

To help support patient comfort during NIV therapy, the Savina 300 NIV is compatible for use with the FitStar disposable mask, which features gel cushion technology to help reduce complications such as pressure points and skin irritation. Available in four sizes, FitStar’s simple and breathable headgear has a continuous range of adjustment to offer a custom fit while removing pressure from the bridge of the nose. The mask’s 360 degree rotating elbow facilitates optimal tube positioning and ease of mobility, while its quick-release headgear slides off easily with one hand.