SMTC Corporation, a global electronics manufacturing services provider, will begin manufacturing Aura V ventilators for its customer IPM Chirana, according to a company news release.

The Aura V ventilator is designed for use in intensive care units to support and protect the patient’s lungs while providing critical information to caregivers. SMTC plans to manufacture IPM Chirana ventilators at its 58,000 square foot facility in Boston, which has earned a number of industry certifications, including ISO-9001, ISO-13485, AS9100, IPC-610, Class II & Class III and is RoHS compliant.

“With the number of COVID-19 cases continuing to rise, we are pleased that we are able to draw on experience in building complex equipment that will perform in critical situations to support the medical community in combatting COVID-19 by manufacturing IPM Chirana’s Aura V ICU ventilators,” said Ed Smith, SMTC Corporation’s president and CEO.

“We selected SMTC to manufacture our Aura V critical care ventilators because of their reputation for quality, customer responsiveness and ability to quickly bring complex medical equipment to market,” said Bud Reeves, IPM Chirana’s CEO.

New IPM Chirana US Headquarters Revealed

In addition to the production of its ventilators by SMTC, IPM Chirana has announced Research Triangle Park, NC as its US headquarters.

“These milestones are part of our mission to improve healthcare outcomes by providing clinicians around the world with cutting edge, patient-centric solutions like the Aura V ICU ventilator,” said Bud Reeves, CEO. “We are very excited to establish our headquarters in the prestigious Research Triangle Park area. Furthermore, we are proud of SMTC’s accomplishment of implementing our accelerated production plan and are proceeding to manufacture at least 300 Aura V ventilators by year-end.”

“The Aura V ventilator is one of the most technologically advanced critical care ventilators in the world,” said Mike Gentile, Vice President of Medical Affairs. “With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a worldwide shortage, our contribution to the global production of ICU ventilators is crucial. Many more patients and clinicians will benefit from the Aura V ventilator’s sophisticated, unique technology that optimizes patient care.”

IPM Chirana was formed as a strategic partnership between Europe’s leading infratech asset manager IPM Group and Slovak company Chirana Medical to rapidly accelerate global production of Aura V ventilators. The Aura V ventilator has been available for years in the EU and other parts of the world. Recently, the Aura V ventilator received emergency ANVISA marketing authorization in Brazil. Applications for use in the US and Canada are currently in review.