Hamilton Medical Inc, Reno, Nev, offers the Raphael Color Ventilator. Raphael is designed for pediatric through adult patients in intensive care and subacute environments. Raphael is priced below $20,000 yet includes graphics, trending, event log, multiple new modes of ventilation, integral nebulizer, and highly responsive breath delivery. A robust patient wye flow and pressure sensing technology enhances both accuracy and responsiveness. (800) 426-6331; www.intelligentventilation.org

Maquet, Bridgewater, NJ, introduces the Servo-i ventilator platform representing flexible ventilation solutions for meeting today’s demanding range of challenges within the ICU environment. It offers a comprehensive array of modalities, such as PRVC, BiVent, Automode, and Flow-adaptive VC. The Open Lung Tool®, which provides physicians with parameters to support alveolar recruitment procedures, is also offered. The Servo-i gives information about end inspiratory pressure (EIP) and PEEP, tidal volume, as well as dynamic compliance. These parameters can help clinicians analyze the extent of opening and closing of the alveoli. Since Servo-i supports invasive and noninvasive ventilation; the flexibility and versatility to care for the changing needs of patients are maintained with ease. (888) 627-8383; www.maquet-inc.com.

VersaMed, Pearl River, NY, offers the iVent201 ventilator, a versatile ICU class ventilator. In VersaMed’s continuing commitment to providing cutting edge products that can be used throughout the continuum of care, the company created a full-featured, transportable, MRI-compatible, critical care invasive and noninvasive ventilator. With the advanced features of the iVent201, patients will be comfortable throughout the trip to the MRI suite or anywhere they need to go—even home. (800) 475-9239; www.versamed.com.

Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, introduces the BiPAP® Vision® noninvasive ventilatory support system that delivers unsurpassed NPPV functionality across a range of clinical settings. Featuring digital Auto-Trak™ Sensitivity, the Vision optimizes triggering and cycling sensitivity and is a high-performance, easy-to-use system designed to compensate for large leaks and readily accommodate high-flow demand for enhanced support and greater patient-ventilator synchrony. (800) 345-6443; www.respironics.com.  

Smiths Medical PM Inc, Waukesha, Wis, announced it has received FDA 510(k) Pre-market Notification clearance for the babyPAC™ emergency and transport ventilator with alarms and MRI compatibility. The babyPAC emergency and transport ventilator is specifically designed to deliver ventilation to small, fragile lungs with precision and confidence, and its MRI compatibility allows flexible transport throughout the hospital. The unique variable gas mixing system allows precise selection of oxygen concentration while incorporating a comprehensive range of features to help control and monitor ventilation parameters at all times. Small and lightweight, the babyPAC mounts easily on the side of an incubator or an IV pole making it ideal for use in the hospital or during emergency situations. (800) 558-2345; www.smiths-medical.com.

Pulmonetic Systems, Minneapolis, announces the latest version of the LTM™ (laptop graphics monitor). The new LTM displays ventilator settings, patient waveforms, and measured patient parameters. It also features a new slim design case, modernized electronic circuitry that utilizes a dual backlit LCD for a brilliant display, and patient trend data stored with a compact flash card. The new LTM also features a new power scheme, allowing the system to conserve and protect the battery when using external battery power. (800) 754-1914; www.pulmonetic.com.