Sleep Diagnostic System
Puritan Bennett (Melville), Kanata, Ontario, offers the new Sandman® EXpress™ sleep diagnostic system. This turnkey system is designed to get new and expanding sleep laboratories up and running faster than ever. The Sandman EXpress system combines all the hardware, software, and sensors needed to conduct comprehensive sleep studies in one easy-to-use system. Sandman EXpress is easy to learn and use, so staff will be fully familiar with the system in no time. Sandman EXpress software features the unique Coach™ Software Assistant that guides you through each sleep study one step at a time. (800) 663-3336;

Sleep Digital Video
Q-Video® from Cadwell Laboratories Inc, Kennewick, Wash, is a digital video technology option designed for use with the company’s Easy II PSG/EEG system. Q-Video shows the patient’s physical movement in patterns of bright color generated by the movement itself. This color pattern generation simplifies correlating movement to the PSG and EEG data. This technology is useful in sleep and other long-term studies because it uses adaptive storage rate technology that reduces total file size. An 8-hour sleep study including the edited video record will typically fit on a single CD. (800) 245-3001;

Sleep Information Software
Bio-logic Systems Corp, Mundelein, Ill, provides software that offers a range of services—from scheduling to data acquisition to reports—and requires entry of patient information only once. With the Sleepscan Patient Scheduler, users can build an appointment calendar and manage resources effectively. Appointment changes can be made “on the fly” by clicking and dragging the necessary information.

The Sleepscan Patient Scheduler, together with Sleepscan’s Patient and Test Information Database and the Sleepscan Report Generator, provides a complete information management system. From individual workstations to network-wide access, the Sleepscan “Front Office” handles a wide range of information management needs. (800) 323-8326;

Database Manager
Nihon Kohden America, Foothill Ranch, Calif, announces the release of Poly-Suite Database Manager. Poly-Suite is an addition to the Polysmith family of sleep and EEG products. This new database interface allows you to schedule and manage your patient’s data at a totally different level. Manage patient status and outcomes and learn more about your patient populations than ever before possible. An easy to use calendar interface gives all members of your staff a simple way to perform the many tasks required in processing data. Nihon Kohden also announces the release of EOS, a new nine-channel ambulatory sleep screener. With the many EEG/PSG recording options, Poly-Suite brings it all together to manage all of your neurodiagnostic needs. (800) 325-0283;

Laboratory Management System
Compumedics USA, El Paso, Tex, offers the ProFusion neXus laboratory management system, a key component of the Compumedics PSG and EEG software suites. The ProFusion neXus laboratory management system software provides a secure “patient-centric” framework and a full set of administrative services to meet the challenges of managing today’s sleep laboratory. ProFusion neXus includes patient management, study management, archive management, and communication management services to support the work flow of the laboratory. Using an SQL Server database engine, optional capabilities continue to expand the function of neXus to support scheduling, remote study access, and quality assurance reporting. (877) 717-3975;

Automated Sleep Stager
Grass-Telefactor, an Astro-Med Inc Product Group, West Warwick, RI. sintroduces the Fully Automated Sleep Stager (FASS™), an add-on analysis module for existing TWin® PSG review software. FASS software identifies standard Rechtschaffen and Kales sleep stages automatically, deriving information from various parameters of the EEG, EOG, and chin EMG. FASS is accurate and easy to use— sleep studies can be completely staged in less than 1 minute. FASS uses a rule-based approach to sleep staging, which combines automatically detected sleep events with automatically computed parameters to replicate Rechtschaffen and Kales sleep staging. (877) 472-7779;