Zephyrx will integrate FeNO by Niox into the Zephyrx Respiratory Cloud Platform to advance clinical research, according to a joint press release.

Zephyrx has quickly become an industry leader in respiratory monitoring solutions for hybrid clinical research. In working with sponsors, Zephyrx and Niox recognized a need for a more seamless solution by integrating FeNO by Niox measurements into the Zephyrx platform. Niox, the world leader in FeNO testing, is the partner of choice for Zephyrx to further expand its offering for clinical research.

“We’re thrilled to launch this expansion to our platform and have already seen an impact on the clinical trials we’re supporting. Our goal is to be that single source of truth for various endpoints used in respiratory research, and we have more integrations planned for 2024”, said Michael DiCesare, Zephyrx President and Cofounder.

Tom Scaccia, Niox Sr. Vice President, Americas and Research Business, adds “Niox Vero is the world leader in FeNO testing and we are excited to be a partner with Zephyrx as they expand their platform capabilities.”

Measurements from the NIOX device are captured in the Zephyrx Respiratory Cloud Platform and accessible in real-time through the Provider Dashboard. Zephyrx recently released a new feature enabling researchers to see all endpoints in one view, with historical data trending and participant adherence monitoring. Sponsors can also use this feature to monitor study site performance, enabling timely intervention for improved study outcomes.