The IRMA”SL with SureStep”Pro blood glucose module from Diametrics Medical, St Paul, Minn, brings blood glucose strip testing technology to the bedside. Now a single point-of-care system provides more of the time-critical tests necessary to make treatment decisions quickly and accurately. The blood glucose module features technology developed by Johnson & Johnson’s LifeScan unit for its SureStep”Pro Professional Blood Glucose Management system. Integrating the module into the IRMA system adds blood glucose strip testing to the system’s existing menu of critical care blood gas, electrolyte, and hematocrit tests. (800) 949-4762.
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MGA Development Corp, Cedar Grove, NJ, introduces Citrol”, a new dietary supplement smoking alternative that makes it easier for smokers to be smoke-free. When sprayed in the back of the throat, Citrol mimicks the sensations produced by cigarette smoking-thanks to citric acid, the main ingredient- temporarily reducing the desire to smoke. Citrol is nicotine-free and has no stimulants.
(888) 4-CITROL.
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A-M Systems Inc, Carlsborg, Wash, offers white, plastic-coated cardboard, disposable mouthpieces to fit most pulmonary function equipment. All mouthpieces are designed for single patient use and are 25/8″” long. A-M Systems regularly stocks a variety of diameters for immediate shipment. If in doubt concerning mouthpiece sizes, please request samples. Mouthpieces are also offered in convenient 100-unit dispenser boxes. (800) 426-1306.
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Respironics, Pittsburgh, offers the Alice” 4 Sleep Diagnostic System that combines the latest in sleep diagnostics technology-including oximetry, CPAP remote control, graphical touch screen technology, battery backup, and network interface-in one powerful, stand-alone unit. Alice 4 is a computerized polysomnographic system with an exceptional level of precision in collecting and storing data. It consists of a main unit used for data collection and computer software for data analysis and archiving. (412) 731-2100.
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The NiteView Polysomnography System from Collins Medical Inc, Braintree, Mass, offers a 16-channel diagnostic sleep laboratory with Windows95 full 32-bit acquisition and scoring capabilities. The sophisticated VISTA software includes the unique RapidScore feature that enables complete staging and scoring of a patient study in 30 minutes. Scoring can be done real-time or immediately after cessation of the study, eliminating any waiting for data download. Multiple records can be opened simultaneously for scoring and review, or multiple views may be opened into a single record.
(800) 225-5157.
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B&B Medical Technologies Inc, North Highlands, Calif, offers the new Hope¦ Nebulizer for treatment of severe asthma, pneumonia, impending respiratory failure, and exacerbations of COPD. Hope is a new continuous medication and Heliox nebulizer that does not require blenders or expensive hard-to-locate pole clamps. Hope connects directly to the flow meter and uses a secondary bleed port to titrate gases (Heliox included). The mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD) is 2.2 – 2.8 æm with the best aerosol deposition of any nebulizer on the market, the Hope Nebulizer is also significantly more economical. Call for a sample today. (800) 242-8778;
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