Teleflex Inc will be featuring medical technology designed to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs at the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) Congress 2014, Dec 9-12 in Las Vegas.

“At Teleflex, we are dedicated to solving unmet clinical needs and delivering positive outcomes for patients and clinicians,” said James Ferguson, President, Respiratory Division, Teleflex. “We have united trusted brands, products and technology to help clinicians lead the way to advance respiratory care. We look forward to sharing the value of choosing Teleflex as a preferred partner with the entire respiratory therapy community.”

At the meeting, Teleflex will showcase the Hudson RCI Neptune Heated Humidifier with ConchaSmart Technology offering best-in-class features such as low water notification and an Auto Settings mode. This innovative humidification platform provides a simple, smart, practical solution to meet the unique needs of patients, while helping clinicians manage time and money.

The new ISO-Gard Mask with ClearAir Technology will also be featured at the meeting. A recent study published in the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing (JOPAN) reported occupational exposure to waste anesthetic gases (WAG) in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) may be higher than standards recommend. The study evaluated and demonstrated that peri-anesthesia nurses are exposed to significantly less WAG when patients wear the ISO-Gard Mask with ClearAir Technology from Teleflex, compared to a standard cannula or face tent.

The Softech Plus ETCO2 Sampling Cannula will be showcased at the meeting. The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) has developed standards for basic anesthetic monitoring and recommends patient monitoring of COduring moderate or deep sedation. The Softech Plus Sampling Cannula uses a divided design to deliver oxygen from one nare and sample carbon dioxide from the other, permitting an undiluted end tidal gas sample.