Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, has acquired OxyTec Medical Corp, Anaheim Hills, Calif, adding the company to its sleep and home respiratory care group.

The move supports the home respiratory care strategy of providing treatment solutions to the growing number of ambulatory patients reliant on long-term oxygen therapy, such as those people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

OxyTec, formed in 2004, was acquired for its recently developed portable oxygen concentrator, the OxyTec 900?, which Respironics plans to introduce to the US market later this year. The portable oxygen concentrator can operate for as long as 8 hours before the patient must recharge the unit’s internal batteries or connect to a conventional power source. The operating time is greater than that of similar devices operating at typical patient settings.

Additionally, the 900 milliliter per minute oxygen output is exceptional among portable oxygen concentrators weighing less than ten pounds and is intended to serve as an alternative to traditional portable oxygen tanks and liquid reservoirs. Other features include an intuitive touch-screen display, six oxygen delivery settings, and a 2-year warranty.