The Critical Care Societies Collaborative (CCSC) has issued a call to action to combat burnout syndrome (BOS) in critical care clinicians and physicians, according to an organization statement published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

The CCSC says the call to action is intended to “enhance the critical care community’s interest in reducing the prevalence of BOS and other psychological disorders in healthcare professionals.”

From the statement:

The development of BOS is related to an imbalance of personal characteristics of the employee and work-related issues or other organizational factors. BOS is associated with many deleterious consequences, including increased rates of job turnover, reduced patient satisfaction, and decreased quality of care. BOS also directly affects the mental health and physical well-being of the many critical care physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who practice worldwide.

Much of the previous BOS-related literature has focused on the disorder’s negative consequences as they correspond to patient-centric outcome measures, including patient safety, satisfaction, and quality of care. However, promoting wellness in healthcare providers is also essential. Protecting the mental and physical health of healthcare professionals who are at risk for BOS should also be vitally important to the same group of stakeholders.

Read the full call to action here.