Plethysmography Bands
SLP Inc, St Charles, Ill, offers a series of SleepSense® inductive plethysmography bands and inductive interface cables. The multiple-use inductive belts are ideal for 40 to 60 studies and provide a low cost per use. The wide bands are made from a nonlatex, cotton/Lycra material, which guarantees stability. All bands are compatible with hook Velcro® components, and body-position sensors can be attached right onto the bands. The sensors come in four color-coded sizes, ranging from infant to large and obese patients. (888) 757-7367;
Sensor Products LLC, Madison, NJ, introduces a new product to the actigraphy market, Tactilus®, featuring body-mapping sensor technology, which captures, maps, and records body movement across a mattress surface while a patient sleeps. The Tactilus sensor element is a thin, flexible mat that discreetly lies beneath a bed sheet, which virtually eliminates the need to affix adhesive-backed sensors and obtrusive wires to a patient’s skin. This system enables detection and recording of even the most minute body movements that can be hidden from video cameras by blankets. The Tactilus sensor also has the ability to capture and record thermal data. Another benefit of Tactilus software is that it is modularly designed and can seamlessly be integrated into existing data collection and evaluation software packages. (973) 884-1755;
Sleep Digital Video
Q-Video® from Cadwell Laboratories Inc, Kennewick, Wash, is a digital video technology option designed for use with the company’s Easy II PSG/EEG system. Q-Video shows the patient’s physical movement in patterns of bright color generated by the movement itself. This color pattern generation simplifies correlating movement to the PSG and EEG data. This technology is useful in sleep and other long-term studies because it uses adaptive storage rate technology that reduces total file size. An 8-hour sleep study including the edited video record will typically fit on a single CD. (800) 245-3001;
South Pacific Biomedical, Temecula, Calif, introduces the TL2 Test Lung System, a ventilator training and testing system with two lungs. The TL2 will work with ventilators throughout a range of parameters from 25 mL to 2.5 L in any ventilation mode with effortless flow and pressure triggering capabilities to -20 cm H2O. The R3 Adapter, a 3-in-1 parabolic resistance tool (Rp5, Rp20, Rp50) can be used individually or combined to create unique resistances. At only 12.9 ounces, the TL2 is lightweight and small enough to easily fit into a service case or briefcase. (866) 676-1444;
Sleep Diagnosis
Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, supplies the Alice® 5 Diagnostic Sleep System, which, according to the company, sets new standards for sleep laboratories eager to customize powerful features today but interested in flexible architecture to accommodate tomorrow’s growth. Alice 5 features a fully integrated sleep laboratory system over a network cable; expanded channel capability to 55 total channels; high-quality ECG with six channels and pulse transit time; and a real-time impedance display. (800) 345-6443;
PSG System
Grass-Telefactor, an Astro-Med Inc Product Group, West Warwick, RI, introduces a lightweight, compact wireless polysomnography (PSG) system. Designated AURA® PSG, the system offers patient comfort without sacrificing reliability. Using built-in Bluetooth™ technology, the 25-channel system has the capability of transmitting PSG data to a computer without the patient being tethered. Engineered for both wireless in-lab monitoring and ambulatory out-of-lab recordings, the AURA PSG is compact, rugged, lightweight, and versatile. The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. TWin software is utilized for recording, review/analysis, and report generation. Each acquisition station is compatible with all amplifiers, allowing for recording of PSG studies, routine EEG, ambulatory EEG/PSG, and long-term epilepsy monitoring. (877) 472-7779;
Database Manager
Nihon Kohden America, Foothill Ranch, Calif, announces the release of Poly-Suite Database Manager. Poly-Suite is an addition to the Polysmith family of sleep and EEG products. An easy-to-use calendar interface gives staff members a simple way to perform the many tasks required in processing data. Nihon Kohden also announces the release of EOS, a new nine-channel ambulatory sleep screener. With the many EEG/PSG recording options, Poly-Suite brings it all together to manage all of your neurodiagnostic needs. (800) 325-0283;
Reuseable Sensors
Dymedix Corp, Minneapolis, now has a complete line of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) reusable sensors to complement their existing line of disposable PVDF sensors and electrodes. The RealFlo™ Reusable Airflow Sensor is available either as a highly accurate sensor capable of detecting flow limitations associated with respiratory effort related arousals (RERAs) or with a narrower filter to produce waveforms similar to those seen with thermocouple/thermistor technology. (888) 212-1100;