• Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, presents the pHOx® CO-Oximeter, companion to the Stat Profile pHOx and pHOx Plus blood gas and critical care analyzers. The CO-Oximeter measures carboxyhemoglobin, deoxyhemoglobin, oxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin, total hemoglobin, oxygen saturation, oxygen content, and oxygen capacity. The device flags results when the sulfhemoglobin level is beyond prescribed limits. The CO-Oximeter requires a 100 mL sample of heparinized whole blood, and can process up to 60 samples per hour. Test results appear on its integral CRT or can be sent to an external printer. The pHOx CO-Oximeter is used when a more comprehensive profile beyond the measured hematocrit, hemoglobin, and oxygen saturation offered by the pHOx and pHOx Plus analyzers is required. (800) 458-5813;

• Radiometer Medical, Westlake, Ohio, introduces the ABL™77 blood gas analyzer for point-of-care testing. The ABL77 provides results in less than 1 minute and requires no cassette or analyzer preparation prior to measuring samples. The analyzer uses one calibration solution pack and one multitest sensor cassette. The software can be configured to meet the requirements of testing applications. The ABL77, featuring a Windows®CE platform and built-in serial port, is network-ready to connect easily to the HIS/LIS for automatic data upload, maximizing data security. (800) 736-0600;

• Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, offers the 5560 Series DLco Simulator with Easy Lab QC™ software to determine the accuracy of single-breath carbon monoxide diffusing capacity (DLco) equipment. The Easy Lab QC software performs linearity checks of gas analyzers and helps define how the DLco instrument computes DLco. The software also charts and graphs the instrument’s performance against the simulator’s projected values as well as comparison data obtained from biological control subjects. (800) 456-6695;

•Micro Direct Inc, Auburn, Me, presents SmokeCheck, which is a carbon monoxide monitor designed as a screening test for cigarette consumption. Used for all types of smoking cessation programs, the SmokeCheck combines accuracy and simplicity at an economical price. Measurements are easily obtained from a single expiration and are aided by an auto-zero function at turn-on, combined with a breath-hold timer. These results are then instantly displayed on a large, easy-to-read LCD display and are visually represented by the appropriate “traffic light” indicator. (800) 588-3381;

• Innotech Medical Solutions Inc, Vancouver, BC, introduces the TubeLock™, a gastric and feeding tube holder that attaches to any tracheal tube. The gastric tubes can be secured quickly and a consistent hold is provided. Repositions are easy because no gloves or adhesives are involved. The TubeLock flexes apart to access a smaller, slotted hole in which the gastric tube engages. An elastic placed around the ventilator connector through the notches of the TubeLock and under the hub of the tracheal tube prevents accidental ventilator disconnections. The TubeLock is available in a variety of sizes. (877) 755-5625;

• Allegiance Healthcare Corp, McGaw Park, Ill, announces the MR850 Respiratory Humidification System. Plug in the MR850 and you will not need to play with temperature settings, alarms, or condensate to maintain patient secretion quality. The MR850 promotes gas exchange and decreases the risk of infection. (847) 473-1500;