Michigan Instruments has upgraded the PneuView 3 software which is used with the PneuView 3 Lung Simulation System, first released in early 2015. Version 3.1 software offers several new capabilities, along with improvements to the user interface.

James Maatman, Michigan Instrument President says, “Many users of the PV3 software have provided feedback and suggested improvements to the product. We realize that our products serve an exceptional user base of educators, researchers, and quality control professionals. We continue to adapt our lung simulation products to better serve them.”

Updates to the PneuView 3.1 include:

  • Improved accuracy of flow parameters
  • New recording mode and snapshot mode
    • Recording mode allows recording of live ventilation data for replay and analysis
    • SnapShot mode allows users to grab a set of numeric data on the screen and saves them to a .csv or .xls table format.
  • A more intuitive user interface and experience, including full screen options
  • Ability to start the PV3 Software without being connected to the Lung Simulator
    • This is useful for reviewing recordings that were previously saved
  • Return to the setup screen without exiting the application
  • Ability to enter reference resistance values on the main screen. These are stored with file.

Maatman continued, “Clinical simulations continues to grow in importance for the training of medical professionals. Designing and testing mechanical ventilators and related equipment also requires realistic lung simulation, and we’re working to provide that for our customers.”