Hans Rudolph manufactures a number of lung simulators that can assist respiratory care departments in testing equipment, as well as training and education programs.

The DLco Simulator & EasyLab QC Software offers clinicians a method to check the performance of Single-Breath DLco measurement equipment. Primary Plus precision gases are supplied exclusively by Hans Rudolph for use with the simulator for testing the different DLco equipment manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the Flow/Volume Simulator or Pulmonary Waveform Generator (PWG) is a computerized servo motor driven piston pump used for testing respiratory flow based devices. The device generates the standard ATS Flow & Volume waveforms, EN 13826 Peak Flow Meter waveforms, and steady state flows, as well as customer-generated waveforms.

Based on a computerized mathematical lung model, HR’s Breathing Simulator models a spontaneously breathing patient. Airway resistance, lung compliance, breath rate and patient effort are adjustable parameters that simulate a wide range of patient conditions. The device includes a large LCD display with real time graphics and data acquisition capability.

More information and products are available on the company’s website.