Werfen has released GEMweb Live, a real-time onscreen viewer of diagnostic test results for cardiac surgical procedures. Through GEMweb Live, comprehensive, rapid test results are viewed in real-time on one screen, designed to help guide goal-directed therapy and other critical needs—before, during and after surgery.

A digital solution, GEMweb Live coordinates care, enabling time-critical clinical decisions in the cardiovascular operating room (CVOR) by displaying consolidated results. Acute Care Diagnostic systems that can be connected to GEMweb Live include:

  • VerifyNow platelet-reactivity system;
  • Rotem sigma and delta thromboelastometry systems;
  • GEM Premier 5000 blood gas testing system; and
  • GEM Hemochron 100 and Hemochron Signature Elite whole blood hemostasis systems.

“Previously, results were viewed on multiple screens or multiple printouts, hand-delivered to the CVOR. Now, GEMweb Live delivers real-time results throughout a cardiac procedure in one glance. This improves efficiency and allows clinicians to make key decisions when time is precious,” said Remo Tazzi, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and Service, Hemostasis and Acute Care Diagnostics at Werfen. “Customer response to GEMweb Live has been extremely positive in the US and Europe, and we look forward to continuing commercialization throughout the world in the months ahead.”

A multidisciplinary approach to patient management, GEMweb Live supports operational efficiency during time-sensitive procedures such as cardiac surgery. Platelet function, from VerifyNow, is demonstrated to help identify bleeding risk from antiplatelet therapy (e.g., clopidogrel); blood viscosity, from ROTEM delta and sigma, is demonstrated to help guide transfusion decisions perioperatively; total hemoglobin, from GEM Premier 5000, is demonstrated to help guide red cell transfusion decisions, in addition to respiratory status and electrolyte balance; and activated clotting time, from GEM Hemochron 100 and Hemochron Signature Elite systems, monitors unfractionated heparin and can help guide reversal.