Boehringer Laboratories Inc, Norristown, Pa, announces the new Platinum Series suction regulators. A line of higher-performance suction control products, the Platinum Series suction regulators carry a 12-year warranty, thanks to their workhorse design and durable materials of construction. Technological advances such as Self Cleaning Technology™ and the patented XL gauge make the Platinum Series the next generation in suction regulators. The important clinical advantages built into each design have made these products the choice of health care professionals worldwide. The Platinum Series products are available for a free 30-day trial.

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Thayer Medical, Tucson, Ariz, introduces the Quake®, an airway clearance therapy in a portable, easy-to-use, handheld device. The Quake’s soft touch handle allows the patient to regulate rotation frequency and vary percussive pressure differentials within the lungs during both inhalation and exhalation. The Quake provides optimum performance in any patient position and accurate results due to a flow independent design. The Quake allows for individualized therapy that meets each patient’s airway clearance needs.

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Electromed Inc, New Prague, Minn, introduces the SmartWrap™ for use in acute care and transitional care settings. The SmartWrap offers ease of application, full-coverage versatility, and reversibility for convenience in an ICU and transitional patient care setting for patients who require high frequency chest wall oscillation therapy (HFCWO), an increasingly preferred and cost-effective method of airway clearance therapy.

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Laerdal Medical Corp, Wappingers Falls, NY, offers the Laerdal suction unit (LSU), a high-performance, portable suction unit for use in the field or hospital. The LSU incorporates unique one-touch testing, a built-in battery charger, a wide suction range, and a 5-year limited warranty. The LSU also features industry-first device diagnostics, a “no-tools” replaceable battery, and an integrated vacuum/regulator/power-on knob. Incorporating all this in a rugged “bump proof/splash proof” case, the LSU remains one of the quietest suction units on the market.

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Hill-Rom, St Paul, Minn, offers the Vest® airway clearance system, a safe, easy to use, and effective device for children and adults. The system consists of an inflatable vest connected by two air hoses to an air pulse generator. The generator rapidly inflates and deflates the vest, compressing and releasing the chest wall, in a process called high-frequency chest wall oscillations (HFCWO). HFCWO generate increased airflows that create repetitive cough-like shear forces to loosen secretions. It is available by prescription for therapy in the home or acute care environment.

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Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, introduces the CoughAssist®, a unique, noninvasive device that safely and effectively removes respiratory secretions in patients with impaired cough due to neuromuscular diseases and conditions. CoughAssist works by gradually applying positive pressure to the airway, then rapidly shifting to negative pressure. The pressure shift produces a high expiratory flow from the lungs simulating a cough.

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