The latest version of Vitalograph Inc’s Spirotrac V PC-based Spirometry Software provides advanced spirometry, pulse oximetry, ambulatory blood pressure, ECG, and more. The Pneumotrac flow device is coupled with PFT software featuring all spirometry tests including seamless, wizard-based 6-minute walk, mannitol, exercise, and methacholine challenge protocols. The software is capable of supporting add-in Bluetooth EGC, automated blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and Bluetooth weight scale. All Vitalograph spirometers meet the 2005 ATS/ERS guidelines for both accuracy, precision, and test performance. New for 2015: Pneumotrac can now optionally run with Morgan Scientific’s ComPas PFT software. (See image above.) 800-255-6626;

SpiroDiagnostics_nddMedical-EasyOneProLAB-275Available from ndd Medical Technologies, the EasyOne Pro portable pulmonary function testing device leverages our proven Ultrasonic TrueFlow technology, eliminating the problems associated with traditional methods of flow measurement for unmatched precision. This mobile solution eliminates the need for complex calibration and is nearly maintenance-free. With the EasyOne Pro Lab, clinicians can perform DLCO, FRC, spirometry and complete lung volumes in just 20 minutes. EMR integration has never been easier. ndd’s certified interfaces allow you to seamlessly integrate with virtually any EMR system. 877-904-0090;

Spirometry_Vitalograph-In2itive-165Vitalograph Inc offers the In2itive handheld spirometer, which has all the power of a research-based system in a very portable package. With a memory capacity of 10,000 tests and utilizing a color touchscreen, it can connect to a computer for reports or to the Spirotrac V enterprise software, or can print directly to an external office printer via a convenient charging/printing cradle. New for 2015: In2itive can now upload and download all patient demographics and test results to Morgan Scientific’s ComPas PFT software. 800-255-6626;

Spirometry_MicroDirect-MicroOne-160Micro Direct Inc offers the Micro I Spirometer. Specifically designed for situations where low cost precision spirometry measurements are required, the Micro I Spirometer measures the following parameters FEV1, FVC, PEF, FEF25-75, FEV6, FEV1/FVC, FEV1/FEV6, FEF25 and FEF25 that can be displayed along with percent predicted and post bronchodilator comparisons. It is extremely lightweight and portable making it suitable for hospital outreach clinics, bedside screenings, health fair screenings and other situations where remote testing is required. The Micro I Spirometer features a large backlit graphical display and flat touch sensitive keypad and is supplied with PC software that generates a PDF report for EMR or printing. 800-588-3381;

SpiroDiagnostics_MGC_CardiO2-275MGC Diagnostics is a leader in diagnostic testing with the Ultima Series Cardiorespiratory Diagnostic System. The Ultima Series offers the latest technology and maximum flexibility to configure pulmonary function, gas exchange or combined systems to meet your testing needs. The adjustable desktop allows for expansive personal workspace, whether the clinician is sitting or standing. 651-484-4874;

Spirometry_CosMed-Spiropalm6MWT-150Cosmed’s Spiropalm 6MWT is a portable spirometer for performing the standardized 6-Minute Walk Test (6MWT). It offers full spirometry testing (FVC, SVC, MVV, Pre/Post BD), and an Integrated SpO2 monitor (finger probe). Measurements include exercise capacity, oxygen desaturation, minute ventilation (VE), and dynamic hyperinflation assessment with the measurement of Inspiratory Capacity. New Omnia data management software is included. 800-426-3763;