Vitalograph offers the Micro Spirometer, a handheld spirometer packed with features including full color touch screen, icon-driven menu and highly accurate and robust pneumotachometer flow sensor technology. Available is an optional remote flow head attachment which allows the patient to handle the cleanable flow head while the therapist holds the device for better viewing of the loops and data, and better hygiene. It comes complete with Vitalograph Reports 2 software for fast PDF reports that can be imported into electronic health records. For data security and HIPAA compliance, there is no patient identifiable information stored on the portable spirometer device. 800-255-6626;

Spirometry_Micro Direct_MicroLab
The MicroLab spirometer with integral printer and touch screen color display, from Micro Direct, offers easy to use, complete spirometry in an affordable portable, package. Some of the many features include ATS/ERS standards compliant, on-screen test quality prompts, confirming diagnostic interpretation, post bronchodilator comparison, low cost disposables and an optional PC software for data storage and pdf report generation. 800-588-3381;


Spirometry_CosMed_DosimeterCosmed’s new Dosimeter offers easy and accurate aerosol control for methacholine and histamine challenge testing per 2017 ATS/ERS standards. It is programmable for user-defined dose mapping or multi-time step protocols from a single drug concentration. Automated/manual dose sequencing provides better aerosol control and integrates with the Cosmed Quark Spirometer for added value. 800-426-3763;


Spirometry_MIR_SpirobankSpirobank Smart, from Medical International Research (MIR), is a portable Spirometer ideal for monitoring respiratory illness, for the self-management of asthma, COPD, lung transplant care, cystic fibrosis and for use in clinical trials. iSpirometry APP for iOS and Android available free of charge. SDK available for developers. Measures: PEF, FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC%, FEV6, FEF25/75. 844-464-7872;



MGC Diagnostics continues to be a leader in cardiorespiratory spirometry_MGC_ResmonProdiagnostics with the Resmon Pro Full Forced Oscillatory Technique (FOT) system. This uniquely designed device provides a simple, effort-independent assessment of airway obstruction, characterizing peripheral, central or heterogeneous patterns. Ideal for virtually any testing environment, the FOT can determine maximal response to a bronchodilator with just normal breathing from the patient. 651-484-4874;




Using its leading, proven ultrasound TrueFlow technology, ndd Medical’s Easy on-PC precisely and accurately measures all essential spirometry tests. While connected to your computer, laptop or tablet, Easy on-PC leverages the advanced EasyOne Connect software to bring you the highest quality spirometry results. Features include trending, pediatric incentives, automated quality control, and challenge testing. 877-904-0090;

The EasyOne Air portable and PC spirometer, from ndd Medical, is a flexible, accurate and proven spirometry solution. Connect to the PC with Bluetooth for real-time patient incentives, data exchange and EMR connectivity. Utilizing TrueFlowT technology, EasyOne Air delivers reliable results without the need for calibration to ensure lifetime worry-free operation. 877-904-0090;