Alere offers the epoc blood analysis system. epoc provides blood gases, electrolytes, and metabolic panel results at the bedside in about 30 seconds with wireless transmission to the patient record. It is the cost-effective POC testing solution, easily integrating into any critical care setting and delivering accurate, actionable results to enable timely clinical decisions. It features room-temperature test card storage; nine measured analytes on a single test card: pH, pCO2, pO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Glu, Hct, Lac; six calculated values: cHCO3-, cTCO2, BE(ecf), BE(b), cSO2, cHgb; and critical result reporting. 877-444-7440;

Measuring pH, blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites, Total Bilirubin and CO-Oximetry, Instrumentation Laboratory offers the Gem Premier 4000 now with Plus Technology critical care analyzer. The analyzer features Intelligent Quality Management (iQM) for continuous, real-time quality management, delivering lab-quality results to any point-of-care (POC) location. Easy to use, the Gem Premier 4000 features the only single, multi-use cartridge on the market. Gemweb Plus Custom Connectivity increases POC flexibility through remote control of all Gem Premier analyzers in the network, regardless of location. 800-678-0710;

BloodGas_NovaBiomed_StatPrime-275The Stat Profile Prime 10-test critical care analyzer from Nova Biomedical features an innovative “ZerØ” maintenance component cartridge technology. Separate ZerØ Maintenance MicroSensor Card, Calibrator Cartridge and automated, on-board, external true liquid QC maximizes the life of each component while minimizing waste and overall down time. Prime’s ZerØ maintenance technology is also EP-23 compliant and requires no IQCP. 781-894-0800;

BloodGas_Radiometer_ABL90-160Radiometer America’s ABL90 Flex acute care analyzer is available with optional wireless capability, which enhances the point-of-care analyzer’s utility, portability, and flexibility for clinical applications. Fully operational on battery, the analyzer supports real-time uploads of patient data while being transported between various clinical departments in the hospital. Common encryption protocols ensure data security on the wireless network. Small and lightweight, the analyzer may be carried or moved on an optional rolling stand. 800-736-0600;