Both the RapidPoint 500 and i-Stat point-of-care blood gas analyzers were “impressively” accurate in calculating oxygen saturation values when applied to a homeostatic arterial blood gas (ABG) data set, according to a recent study in the Respiratory Care journal.1

Researchers created an oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve (OHDC) for the RapidPoint 500 and i-Stat using integer values of PaOranging between 10 and 100 torr.1

According to results, the accuracy of the oxygen saturation readouts were within 2% of the actual value and both devices’ oxyhemoglobin dissociation curves “were strikingly similar” to the standard ODHC.1 Furthermore, the RapidPoint was slightly more accurate than the i-Stat, researchers reported.1


  1. Albee, A. Demers, R. “Performance Analysis of Two Point-of-Care Analyzers for Generating Oxygen Saturation Values During Acid-Base Homeostasis.” Resp Care. 2018:63(Suppl 10).