SleepTrek™ ambulatory sleep screener


Grass-Telefactor, West Warwick, RI, an Astro-Med Product Group, offers SleepTrek™, a new nine-channel ambulatory sleep screener. The small, lightweight physiological data recorder was specifically designed for portable applications in the home to screen patients for possible sleep disorders. If a disorder such as sleep apnea is uncovered, the patient can then be brought to the hospital for full sleep diagnostic monitoring. SleepTrek uses sensors to record oxygen saturation, pulse rate, airflow (filtered and unfiltered), thoracic and abdominal respiratory effort, periodic limb movement, and body position. The screener is designed to be used in a supervised (hospital/institutional) or unsupervised (home) environment. It is capable of recording 12-plus hours of patient data using a single nine-volt alkaline battery and a multimedia card. An auxiliary channel is also available to record data from other equipment, such as pressure from continuous positive airway pressure devices. (877) 472-7779;