Comet™ PSG


Grass-Telefactor, West Warwick, RI, an Astro-Med Inc Product Group, introduces a compact, low-cost polysomnograph (PSG) for sleep studies. Designated Comet™ PSG, the system provides up to 50 channels for recording and analysis of sleep data. Comet combines powerful, yet easy-to-use TWin® software with state-of-the-art amplifiers to make a flexible system for sleep study applications. It can also be used in EEG applications with the optional TWin EEG module. The Comet consists of the high-response 50-channel digital amplifier system, a “personality module” with electrode inputs designed especially for PSG, and TWin Sleep software. The high-fidelity digital amplifier system sends the PSG signals directly to your PC through a standard TCP/IP Ethernet port. The removable personality modules facilitate easy electrode application and setup. A family of personality modules is available to fulfill your specific needs for sleep or EEG recordings. (877) 472-7779;