Pulse Oximetry

productOffering portability and durability, the Onyx® 9500 self-contained digital pulse oximeter by Nonin Medical Inc, Plymouth, Minn, incorporates pulse oximetry and sensor into one unit. A cost-efficient solution for spot checks and short-term monitoring, the simple-to-use Onyx provides automatic on/off operation and up to 18 hours of continuous use. Simply slip it onto the patient’s finger and view the data instantly. (800) 356-8874; www.nonin.com.

productMaxtec Inc, Salt Lake City, distributes the PULSOX-3 series of wrist heart rate monitors and oximeters by Minolta Corp, Ramsey, NJ. Used to measure both pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels, the four compact models range from spot checking to 12- or 24-hour memory with alarm. All of the oximeters feature an LCD and a finger clip probe and operate with two AAA batteries. Three of the four models come with a printer that can print data continuously at specified intervals. This data can also be uploaded to a PC. (866) 4-MAXTEC; www.maxtecinc.com.

productAn integral part of the OxiMax™ pulse oximetry system by Nellcor Puritan Bennett, Pleasanton, Calif, the N-595 pulse oximeter combines pulse oximetry with a versatile new monitoring platform. A communication link between the N-595 monitor and OxiMax sensors allows the monitor to display sensor application tips and alarm event data. The N-595 features digital signal processing, which enables it to read through the challenging condition of motion combined with low perfusion with great accuracy. It also includes SatSeconds™ alarm management technology. (800) 635-5267; www.nellcor.com.

productOxiCard® pulse oximeter by QRS, Plymouth, Minn, provides instant, real-time oxygen saturation and pulse rate assessment. OxiCard also offers spot checking and recording capabilities. Test results are quickly displayed, stored, and printed. Additional features include the ability to record up to 24 hours of SpO2 and customizable recording intervals. Capture data on a pocket PC and then synchronize that data to the patient database. QRS also offers the SpirOxCard®, a combination spirometer/pulse oximeter. (800) 465-8408; www.qrsdiagnostic.com.

productThe Digit® Finger Oximeter from BCI Inc, Waukesha, Wis, is a pulse oximeter and sensor in one unit that provides SpO2, pulse rate, and pulse strength measurements. Available in two color combinations, the pocket-size oximeter features a large LED for use in a range of light or dark environments and a one-button keypad. When not in use for 8 seconds, the Digit automatically shuts itself down to conserve batteries. (800) 558-2345; www.smiths-bci.com.

productInvacare Corp, Elyria, Ohio, introduces downloading software for the company’s Sleep Printing Pulse Oximeter. The Windows®-based, easy-to-use software rapidly downloads information collected during sleep screening, oxygen therapy validation, and/or related studies. It also assists in the clinician’s interpretation by analyzing SpO2 data and storing and printing statistical, desaturation, and graphic reports. The Sleep Printing Pulse Oximeter (IRC735) can conduct a full overnight screening and print a results summation at the touch of a button. Featuring two-button operation, the small and lightweight oximeter is designed to simplify overnight screening. It is available with a durable probe or five disposable probes. (800) 333-6900; www.invacare.com.

productMasimo, Irvine, Calif, introduces the Radical pulse oximeter with SET V4 technology. It includes ClearVue™, FastStart™, APOD™, and Smart Tone™ pulse beep enhancements. The new blue screen ClearVue technology maximizes screen clarity, while APOD offers probe-off detection. Radical offers accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and true sensor standardization. (949) 250-9688; www.masimo.com.

productRespironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, offers the MARSpO2™ Motion Artifact Rejection System, which uses advanced digital signal processing for challenging conditions, including motion and low perfusion. The system provides improved pulse signal analysis, resulting in more-reliable SpO2 readings, a reduction in false alarms, and fewer monitoring interruptions. MARS is another tool in the company’s Cost Capitation Program, which helps health care facilities save 30% to 60% in their pulse oximetry operating costs. (800) 345-6443; www.respironics.com.