MGC Diagnostics Corp has acquired exclusive rights to market and distribute the SleepVirtual BWII PSG and BWIII PSG Diagnostic polysomnography systems in the US and Canada.  The SleepVirtual systems are manufactured by Neurovirtual USA Inc and are used in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea and sleep-related breathing disorders.

The SleepVirtual BWII has a small, lightweight design and may be used as a stationary unit or a portable unit (fitting into a small briefcase), providing flexibility to use one device in several locations. The SleepVirtual BWIII PSG Plus is a larger device with combined sleep and neuro-diagnostics (EEG) capabilities.

“Our agreement with SleepVirtual is an example of how MGC Diagnostics continues to execute strategic partnerships with ‘best in class’ providers of technology serving adjacent cardiorespiratory diagnostic markets,” Todd M. Austin, EVP global marketing, engineering and corporate strategy of MGC Diagnostics, said in a news announcement.

“Together with SleepVirtual, MGC Diagnostics is well positioned to provide diagnostic capabilities to physicians managing complex patients, including patients with both COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). Leveraging MGC Diagnostics’ global sales, marketing, and support network provides our customers best-in-class access to cardiorespiratory healthcare professionals and their patients throughout the world,” he added.

Ed Faria, MBA, Neurovirtual CEO, said: “As a private company with limited resources, this agreement allows us to focus our efforts on product development and customer service, further developing our SleepVirtual product line and advancing our technology.”