Editor’s note 04.03.19: updated 4th paragraph.

Royal Philips has launched DreamWisp, its first-of-a-kind over-the-nose nasal mask that allows patients with sleep apnea to sleep in any position they want.

With its nasal cushion and top-of-the-head tube design, DreamWisp delivers improved comfort and freedom of movement for sleep apnea patients.

cpap_philips_DreamWisp-patientFor patients who need an over-the-nose mask, the front facial tube is often cited as the main reason why patients chose to forgo sleep apnea treatment. DreamWisp solves this problem by bringing the benefit of Philips DreamWear’s unique top-of-the-head tube design to users who benefit from the seal of an over-the-nose cushion, yet continue to deal with the challenges of frontal tubing.

With this CPAP mask, patients now have an additional mask option that provides an extra level of comfort and the opportunity to improve therapy adherence.

According to the company, 97% of clinicians participating in a trial said they would recommend the DreamWisp mask to another clinician.1 Philips also reports that the mask received positive feedback from patients and their bed partners on the ability of the mask to stay in place and to maintain its seal.2

DreamWisp is now available for purchase through Philips-authorized home medical equipment providers and online medical equipment providers, the company said.


1. April 2018 Clinician Ease of Use trial, n=30

2. Users study; patient preference study n=52, March/April 2018, both at 10 and 30 days