As reports of bird flu outbreaks are cropping up across the globe, we are one step closer to seeing a universal flu vaccine.

The National Institutes of Health recently announced it is beginning its phase one trial for a universal flu vaccine.

Currently, the yearly seasonal flu shot only covers certain strains of the virus. However, scientists are now studying a vaccine that could protect against all flu strains.

While this is not the first attempt at creating this type of vaccine, this experimental vaccine has shown success in animal models and, for the first time, is being tested in humans. Read more here.

Thousands of Dead Seabirds Wash up on Canadian Shore

The carcasses of thousands of migrant seabirds have washed up on the shores of eastern Canada this week and preliminary findings showed that the birds died of avian flu.

Since May 2022, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed 13 positive cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza in the eastern Canadian province of Newfoundland. Read more here.

Bird Flu Outbreak Hits Habitat on UK’s Farne Islands

A bird flu outbreak on one of the UK’s most important habitats that could kill tens of thousands of seabirds has been described as an “unprecedented wildlife tragedy.”

Rangers working on the Farne Islands, off the Northumberland coast, have donned protective suits and so far collected more than 3,000 dead birds for incineration.

However, there are concerns that many thousands more have succumbed to the disease and fallen off cliffs into the North Sea.

The Farnes, which are looked after by the National Trust, are an internationally important habitat for 23 species, including puffins, with 200,000 birds living there. Read more here.