International Biomedical has released the Neo-Restraint, a fully adjustable close proximity support system for neonates. The Neo-Restraint is reusable and can be retrofitted to any Airborne transport incubator, according to the company.

Intended to prevent an accidental fall of the newborn from the incubator, the design allows for full access to the infant along with quick release features when necessary.

Designed with input from clinicians and medical design teams, pressure points are eliminated by wrapping the safety straps around the infant for non-abrasive support. The Neo-Restraint is reusable and can be machine-washed. Each Neo-Restraint system comes with small, medium and large size options to accommodate infants from 1.1 pounds up to 13.0 pounds.

“Neo-Restraint is a proven infant positioning system that has years of service throughout the world. Bringing this innovative and versatile product to the International Biomedical family of products allows us to keep our promise of providing solutions for the neonatal environment,” said Greg Will, vice president of Marketing and Sales at International Biomedical.

International Biomedical is a global medical device company dedicated to the development of neonatal products. The company researches, markets and produces innovative devices designed to provide unique solutions for infant and neonatal care.