RespirTech is now offering new vest patterns and custom decorative decals for its inCourage Airway Clearance System. The product will enhance and personalize the therapy experience for patients with chronic lung conditions such as cystic fibrosis (CF) and COPD/bronchiectasis.

Last year, the company introduced three popular vest designs—Flower Power, Star Galaxy and Wild Camo. The company is expanding its vest collection with three more lively designs: Pixel Puzzle, Northern Lights and Passion Pink Camo.

RespirTech is also introducing custom decal sets for the unit that coordinate with the vest designs. Among the newly available themes are vibrant, colorful flowers, planets and stars, emoticons and sports images.

New vest designs and fun decals for use with inCourage System units allow patients to show their unique style and give them another way to personalize their therapy. “Anything that helps kids feel more empowered and engaged in their therapy may lead to greater adherence, which is key to improving health status,” says Buehler. More than half of the 30,000 CF patients in the US are children and nearly 90% of them, ages 6-17, use high-frequency chest compression, according to a company release.

“Patients with respiratory disease count on our inCourage System to help clear their obstructed airways for better health and quality of life,” says Bob Buehler, RespirTech chief commercial officer. “We know vest therapy helps with airway clearance if patients adhere to their prescribed regimen. If personalized vests and units can encourage therapy, that’s a win for patients, their caregivers and the health care system.” Patients who adhere to therapy may experience fewer respiratory infections1 and a reduced need for antibiotics.

More information on the inCourage System vest designs or decals is available on the company’s website.