According to data presented at ATS 2017, Spyryx Biosciences investigative treatment SPX-101 demonstrated positive results for all types of cystic fibrosis (CF).

SPX-101 is an inhaled medication that substitutes for the action of SPLUNC-1, a protein that plays an important role in controlling airway surface hydration and mucus clearance. In CF, this mechanism does not work properly, leading to the accumulation of mucus which, in turn, favors the growth of bacteria in the lungs.

“The strong clinical and preclinical data presented at ATS helps support the potential of SPX-101 to safely promote airway hydration and mucociliary clearance,” John Taylor, president and CEO of Spyryx Biosciences, said in a news release. “We will be thoroughly investigating the clinical potential of SPX-101 in our HOPE-1 study, a Phase 2 trial in CF patients, which we anticipate getting underway around the middle of this year.”