AIT Therapeutics’ nitric oxide mist led to a 65% reduction in cystic fibrosis patients’ airway bacteria and an improvement in their exercise capability 60 days after treatment, a Phase 2 clinical trial shows.

The bacteria that the nitric oxide countered was the Mycobacterium abscessus complex. The exercise-capability yardstick researchers used was the 6-minute walk test.

Participants received nitric oxide and antibiotics for 21 days. In the first 14 days the gas was delivered 5 times a day, and in the last 7 days three times a day. Each 30-minute treatment session was separated by an off period of at least 3 hours.

Patients’ bacteria levels at day 81 were 65% lower than at the beginning of the study. Their  performance in the 6-minute walk also improved. The best results were on day 14 and 21, but they  continued to be better at day 81 than before treatment.