For patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis, an investigational inhaled powder form of ciprofloxacin can significantly reduce the frequency of exacerbations, results from the phase 3 RESPIRE 1 trial show.

Researchers randomized 416 adults to one of three groups for 48 weeks: twice-daily inhaled ciprofloxacin administered in 12 cycles of 14 days on, 14 days off; twice-daily ciprofloxacin administered in six cycles of 28 days on, 28 days off; and placebo.

During the 48-week study period, the number of exacerbations was significantly lower with the 14-day regimen than with placebo (adjusted hazard ratio [aHR], 0.53; P = .0005). The number was also lower with the 28-day regimen than with placebo, but the difference was not significant (aHR, 0.73; P = .0650).

Exacerbations were 39% less frequent with the 14-day regimen than with placebo (P = .0061), but the difference in frequency between the 28-day regimen and placebo was not significant.