Revotar Biopharmaceuticals AG, Henningsdorf/Berlin, announced the first positive results from the phase ll clinical trials for Bimosiamose, a promising new COPD drug.

The results from the study, conducted by Christian Witt, MD, PhD, at the Medical School Charité, Berlin, and Kai M. Beeh, MD, PhD, of the Respiratory Institute Wiesbaden, were presented during the recent European Respiratory Society Meeting in Stockholm.

“Despite of the short treatment period we were surprised to see that analysis of induced sputum prior to and after Bimosiamose treatment of 9 days showed that both relative and absolute lymphocytes count decreased significantly,” said Wolfgang Meyer-Sabellek, clinical advisor to Revotar. “In addition, sputum IL-8 was significantly decreased. The latter is supposed to correlate with the severity of the disease.”

“This targeted therapy provides the potential to prevent the further progression of inflammatory components in COPD and should be evaluated further in larger clinical trial.” added Christian Witt from the Charité and the principal investigator of the study.

Bimosiamose has already passed several clinical phase I and phase IIa trials in asthma and psoriasis. In 2006, Revotar announced a collaboration with a major US pharma. The company will present during the BioEurope conference in Hamburg on November 14, 2007.