Philips has launched COPD Insider, an online community where leaders in value-based COPD care will discuss new and innovative solutions, highlight the biggest issues in COPD care, share a wealth of knowledge and provide practical solutions for COPD care professionals.

Crowd-sourcing expertise from key thought leaders throughout the US, COPD insider is an online community that connects the entire care team and redefines COPD care by sharing expert solutions to empower new possibilities from the hospital to the home.

Once registered with COPD insider, subscribers will have free access to:

  • The full COPD insider suite of exclusive strategic content, including articles, videos, how-to guides and case studies;
  • Leading insights and solutions for COPD patient care; and
  • Immediate notifications to access new content.

At least 12 million people are living with undiagnosed COPD and an essential starting point for COPD involves actively pursuing early diagnosis and intervention before hospitalization and readmissions which can lead to improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs, Philips said in a press release.

“As an extension of our longstanding commitment to COPD care, COPD insider is a new way to reach healthcare providers and offer educational solutions to help improve care for the millions of people living with COPD, ”said Eli Diacopoulos, Business Leader, Home Respiratory Care, Philips. “This online community will leverage the expertise of leaders in COPD care to offer insight into tools and solutions that educate healthcare providers, better treat patients’ respiratory conditions and help transform COPD care.”

Improving patient outcomes while decreasing overall costs are two critical reasons why COPD care requires a leaner, more agile approach, focused on getting patients home quicker, while continuing to deliver quality care in the home to keep patients from returning to the hospital. Through guidance from professionals in effective multidisciplinary teams, COPD insider will provide subscribers a platform of valuable tips and tools that they can consider using to improve the structure of their practice.

“It is crucial in our industry to collaborate and challenge each other in order to find the best solutions for our patients,” said Brian Carlin, MD, FCCP, FAARC, Critical Care Staff Physician, Altoona Regional Health System and COPD insider participant. “The collaboration and discussion that will take place through COPD insider will enable our care teams to redefine our approach to COPD care and improve outcomes for our patients.”