productAbridged Asthma Guidelines
The new Asthma Guidelines Pocket Reference by Arlen Med Ed Products, Los Angeles, abridges the two lengthy National Institutes of Health reports on the diagnosis and management of asthma and provides a concise reference on the latest treatments for asthma. A busy family practitioner can review, in a matter of minutes, the pocket reference’s survey of medications, suggested dosages, and therapy recommendations, and update his or her understanding of the latest treatments for the disease. The Asthma Guidelines Pocket Reference fits in a standard-sized shirt pocket. (800) 522-7536;

productStand-Alone Pulse Oximeters
Madison, Wis-based Datex-Ohmeda, now part of GE Medical Systems, presents the 3800 and 3900 stand-alone pulse oximeters featuring TruTrak®+, a clinical motion algorithm that allows the pulse oximeters to provide more reliable performance during conditions of clinical patient motion. Used in combination with Datex-Ohmeda’s OxyTip®+ sensors and cables, the 3800 and 3900 pulse oximeters offer improved SpO2 readings, an easy-to-use interface, and intuitive feature set. The company’s TeleOximetry® PC Access software generates easy-to-read InstaReport data summaries for quick analysis. (800) 345-2700;

productEndotracheal Tube
One way to reduce episodes of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), Pleasanton, Calif-based Nellcor says, is through the continuous aspiration of subglottic secretions, which is facilitated by the company’s Mallinckrodt® Hi-Lo® Evac endotracheal tube. Researchers from Sentara Healthcare, Virginia Beach, Va, conducted a study to determine how using the Hi-Lo Evac endotracheal tube in place of conventional ET tubes would impact VAP rates in a community-based general intensive care unit (ICU). Compared with the previous year, use of the Hi-Lo Evac tube resulted in a 52% decrease in VAP rates—consistent with controlled studies reporting a 40% to 50% reduction, the company says. Sentara Healthcare now uses the Hi-Lo Evac as a standard of care in its emergency department, ICUs, and crash carts. (800) NELLCOR;

productContact Minimizing Nasal Mask
The new ComfortLite™ mask from Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, is the latest addition to Respironics’ Comfort Series™. Small and light, the ComfortLite offers two interchangeable cushions for maximum comfort and minimal mask contact. The Direct Seal™ cushion provides a seal without insertion into the nostrils, and the Simple Cushion™ is a small, tip-of-the-nose interface. ComfortLite’s headgear system separates the hose from the mask area for stability, and a 360° hose swivel accommodates hose preference. Multiple adjustment points on the headgear help the mask accommodate a variety of head sizes. The nine-position angular adjuster and rotating vertical adjuster allow patients to create a personalized seal. (800) 345-6443;

productSmoking Intervention Testing
Breathe E-Z Systems Inc, Leawood, Kan, offers the CO Sleuth carbon monoxide breath test, a simple, noninvasive way to measure carbon monoxide in a patient enrolled in a smoking cessation program. Most smokers do not realize carbon monoxide poisoning is a side effect of smoking cigarettes, the company says. The CO Sleuth provides visual proof of the dangerous CO levels found in the lungs of smokers. The carbon monoxide monitor features a graphic display and shows the reduction of carbon monoxide poisoning in the lungs as the patient gives up smoking. (800) 490-5061;

productSelf-Contained Blood Gas Analyzer
Edison, NJ-based International Technidyne Inc, a subsidiary of Thoratec Inc, offers the IRMA TRUpoint blood analysis system, which allows users to measure pH, blood gases, hematocrit, electrolytes, and other chemistries wherever the patient may be. It uses electrochemical sensor technology and features an intuitive, interactive touch screen. Patient results are available in 90 seconds using single-use test cartridges. Each cartridge is self-calibrating and self-contained, requiring no additional reagents. Cartridges are stored at room temperature, and IRMA TRUpoint can run on battery or AC power. Blood glucose strip testing also can be performed on the portable system, which has built-in automatic quality control features, an onboard printer, a data management system, and connectivity. (800) 631-5945;