productCosmed, Chicago, introduces the microQuark spirometer for lung function screening. By installing the application software and connecting the cable to the serial port, microQuark can be used with any PC. The new software offers complete data management, graphics, a patient database, user-defined bronchochallenge protocols, and a database of diagnoses. Users can store permanently all tests on the PC hard disk. The turbine flowmeter complies with ATS and ERS recommendations and ensures maximum precision throughout a wide range of flows (up to 20 L/s) with a low flow resistance (less than 0.7 cm H2O/L/s at 12 L/s). The main unit comes with a 3-year warranty, and the system meets MDD and FDA requirements. (773) 528-8113;

productJones Medical, Oak Brook, Ill, offers the Satellite/Base Station 3, a full-function handheld spirometer system with the portability of the one-pound Satellite and the power and performance of the Base Station. The disposable measuring system eliminates sterilization difficulties and provides accurate results at nearly half the disposable cost of flow-type spirometers. The Base Station option provides a remote database, recharger, and high-speed printing combination. (800) 323-7336;

productMicro Direct Inc, Auburn, Me, offers the MicroLab portable spirometer, which features a high visibility screen that can display your choice of volume/time curves, complete flow/volume loop, or the “milkshake kid” child incentive; an alphanumeric keypad; on-screen quality assurance prompts; choice of nine predicted values, nine languages, and 30 spirometry parameters; and storage capacity for 1,000 patients. MicroLab also includes an integral printer or can be connected directly to a printer for an 8 1/2 x 11-inch printout. Optional PC software also is available. Molded from high-impact ABS plastic, MicroLab is battery operated and shipped with a carrying case and all necessary disposables. (800) 588-3381;

productThe new, compact SBG multifunction spirometer from SDI Diagnostics, Easton, Mass, offers a high-resolution backlit display of the flow/volume curve and test results; 26 parameters with automatic interpretation and test quality are stored for retrieval or reporting. A direct printer interface allows operators to output either a single test or up to 100 tests held in memory. The new winspiroPro software can show pre- and post-flow/volume loops, results, and predicted values. It enables input of bronchoprovocation protocols and provides FEV1 dose-response curves, lung age estimation, FEV1 decline rate graphs, summary trending, and more. When it is used for bedside testing, tests stored in the SBG memory may be downloaded and linked to the new or existing patient demographic data residing in the database. (800) 678-5782;

productThe Spirotrac 6800 by Vitalograph, Lenexa, Kan, is a low-cost Windows-based spirometry system that operates as a stand-alone or network system. The 6800 comes with the Spirotrac IV spirometry software for full automation and plugs directly into the PC serial port. The fleisch flow sensor provides accuracy and reliability. The 6800 is ideal for use when long-term storage and analysis of patient results are essential. Spirotrac IV software runs on any PC using a Microsoft Windows® operating system and can be purchased separately for use with the 2120 spirometer. (800) 255-6626;

productPulmonary Data Services Inc, Louisville, Colo, part of Ferraris Respiratory, offers the KoKo spirometer, powered by a comprehensive suite of customizable software. The optional integrated dosimeter (KoKo DigiDoser) provides accurate, reproducible automation of bronchial provocation. KoKo spirometers provide accuracy and durability and have been independently validated to exceed the ATS 1994 recommendations for both ambient and BTPS-conditioned air. KoKo software is available for networks and Internet connectivity to allow easy access to data from multiple locations. (800) 574-7374;

productMidmark Diagnostics Group, Torrance, Calif, offers the IQmark digital spirometer, which weighs only 10 ounces and meets or exceeds ATS requirements. The fully functional, easy-to-use spirometer enables medical staff to perform full loop, FVC, SVC, and MVV tests. Pre/post BD tests can be performed and interpreted on this computer-based spirometer, which also uses a disposable pneumotach mouthpiece minimizing the chance of patient cross-contamination. (800) MID-MARK;

productFuturemed, Granada Hills, Calif, offers SpiroVision-3+, which now includes Bubbles, a cartoon girl who blows a soap bubble to encourage better performance as the patient performs an FVC. SpiroVision-3+ displays a “predicted bubble” based on the patient’s projected FVC. As the maneuver is performed, an “actual bubble” based on real test data forms within the predicted one. The spirometer displays real-time flow/volume loops and time/volume curves and features trend graphs. SpiroVision-3+ works on standard desktops and laptops using Windows 95, 98, 2000, or XP and can be networked using Windows NT 4.0. Patient files also may be emailed from remote testing sites. Reports can be personalized with patient information, operator notes, and facility letterhead. (800) 222-6780;