d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Ventilator
• Newport Medical Instruments Inc, Newport Beach, Calif, offers the Newport E100M, which is capable of ventilating neonates, children, and adults, and is suitable for emergency departments, intrahospital transport, and post-acute/long-term care settings. Its compact size, versatile applications, and internal battery (up to 8 hours of operation) make the E100M easy to use. The E100M delivers pressure or volume ventilation in A/CMV, SIMV, SPONT, and SPONT+APNEA A/CMV modes. Standard monitoring includes peak, mean, and base airway pressure; set tidal volume; I:E, and total rate. An RS232 interface is provided for central monitoring systems. (800) 451-3111; www.NewportNMI.com 

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Handheld Monitor
• SIMS BCI Inc, Waukesha, Wis, offers the Capnocheck® II Hand-Held CO2/SpO2 Monitor that provides measurements of end tidal CO2, respiration rate, SpO2, and pulse rate with N2O compensation, for all patients from pediatric to adult. The monitor utilizes an LCD backlit display with on-screen trending and high and low alarm limits for all parameters. A protective rubber boot is also included, and the infrared serial interface allows for downloading patient information to a printer. The portable monitor is ideal for EMS, emergency departments, recovery rooms, and intrahospital transport. (800) 558-2345; www.sims-bci.com.

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Point-of-Care Analyzer
• AVL Medical Instruments, Roswell, Ga, has received FDA 510(k) approval for reporting both glucose and BUN (urea) testing on the OPTI® Critical Care Analyzer (CCA). The OPTI CCA point-of-care test menu includes pH, blood gases, electrolytes, measured total hemoglobin, and oxygen saturation. The OPTI CCA is a small, maintenance-free analyzer that is operated in critical care settings such as operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency departments, and outpatient facilities. Analytes are measured with optical sensors in single-use cassettes, which are stored at room temperature. The OPTI automatically aspirates whole blood samples from either a syringe or capillary tube, eliminating the need for operator intervention during sample application. (800) 421-4646; www.avlmed.com.

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Asthma Monitor
• Mallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, offers the WhistleWatch™ ASMALERT™, a monitor that measures the maximum rate at which a child can exhale air. The monitor avoids many of the erroneous meter readings that prevent children from getting the respiratory care they need. An asthmatic child blows into the WhistleWatch Asmalert, and if the whistle sounds, the asthma attack is under control while prolonged silence signals the need for medical attention. The device employs a tiny plastic reed similar to a wooden reed on a saxophone. As air passes over the reed, it vibrates, registering air levels and producing a sharp sound. A physician presets the device to sound when the airflow reaches 80% of each child’s top breathing capacity. (800) 635-5267; www.mallinckrodt.com.

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Oxygen System
Mallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, has received FDA clearance to market its Puritan-Bennett HELiOS™ oxygen system, which provides new levels of comfort, convenience, and mobility to people on long-term oxygen therapy. This light and quiet device can be worn by patients on a waist belt, shoulder strap, or backpack and does not require tubes or heavy canisters, enabling patients to pursue a full range of activities. The HELiOS oxygen system lasts longer between refills, making it more economical. The device also includes a standard interface for the Teleview™ Remote Monitoring System that allows providers to monitor the reservoir contents in their office on a standard PC with modem. (800) 635-5267; www.mallinckrodt.com.

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Blood Gas Analyzer
• Radiometer America, Westlake, Ohio, announces that its ABL™700 Series STAT analyzer now includes the AutoCheck™ for complete automation of the quality control (QC) process. AutoCheck eliminates the time-consuming manual procedures for measuring QC solutions. It can be remotely monitored and controlled from a central PC with the Radiance™ STAT Analyzer Management Software. The AutoCheck module holds glass ampoules containing QC solutions of up to four different levels that are measured according to the preprogrammed schedule. Before measurement, the QC ampoules are automatically temperature-controlled and rotated to ensure conditioning. (800) 736-0600; www.radiometeramerica.com.

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Portable Ventilator
• Mallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, offers the new Puritan-Bennett Achieva™ portable volume ventilator with pressure support that provides new dimensions in versatility, making it practical for children and adults in multiple care settings. The Achieva ventilator has been sold in Europe for the past 6 months and has now received regulatory clearance in the United States and Japan. Features of the Achieva include exceptional battery life for extended mobility; volume and pressure-limited ventilation; flow and pressure triggering to match patient breathing efforts; internal dial-in positive end-expiratory pressure; internal oxygen blending for delivery of 21% to 100% fraction of inspired oxygen (FIO2); internal memory and modem for accessing stored data; and a 2-year warranty. (800) 635-5267; www.mallinckrodt.com.

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Peak Flow Meter
• Respironics HealthScan Asthma & Allergy Products, Cedar Grove, NJ, introduces the AsthmaMentor™ Peak Flow Meter, which was designed to automatically calculate peak flow zones. AsthmaMentor helps patients understand how to follow the medication instructions and Asthma Action Plans their physicians provide according to changes in peak flow readings. AsthmaMentor features a built-in AutoZone™ System that automatically calculates green, yellow, and red peak flow zones when the top of the AutoZone color bar is set to a patient’s personal best or predicted average PEFR. (800) 962-1266; www.respironics.com.

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Speaking Valve
• Passy-Muir Inc, Irvine, Calif, offers the PMV 2020 (clear), a lightweight, one-way closed- position “no leak” tracheostomy speaking valve that attaches to the Pilling Weck metal Jackson Improved tracheostomy tubes (sizes 4-6 or equivalent) with use of the PMA 2020-S Adapter. It can also be used on the adult, pediatric, and neonatal Bivona non-foam-filled cuffed tracheostomy tubes currently on the market. The PMV-2020 (clear) is intended for use by both short-term and long-term adult, pediatric, and neonatal non-ventilator-dependent tracheostomized patients. (800) 634-5397; www.passy-muir.com.

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Polysomnograph
• Grass-Telefactor product group, Astro-Med Inc, West Warwick, RI, offers the Sonoma™, a compact system that combines modular, high-performance amplifiers with a powerful and easy-to-use software program called Gamma® and a Computer Assisted Sleep Staging System called CAST™. The system is composed of Grass amplifiers that give the user complete control over all channels and settings. The miniature, user-configurable 16- or 20-channel modular amplifier system is capable of recording and interfacing all bioelectric PSG signals and auxiliary sensors and instruments. The Grass-designed Gamma PSG software that is supplied with each system allows the recording of polysomnographic signals in real time with rapid, accurate scoring. In addition, the CAST option for the Sonoma analyzes high-frequency brain waves that are filtered out by conventional PSG systems. (877) 472-7779; www.grassinstruments.com.  

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Adhesive Tape
• Omega Medical Products, Yonkers, NY, announces the introduction of WMegazinc Pink™ adhesive tape, a new latex-free, zinc oxide-based waterproof adhesive tape. Developed under the direction of skin care experts, WMegazinc Pink is intended for hospitals, long-term care facilities, home care, and consumers. The tape is gentle to sensitive skin, and remains intact when wet or washed; its conformity and flexibility allow for ease of application as well as easy, painless, residue-free removal. Its easy-tear edge makes application fast and efficient. Latex-free WMegazinc Pink adhesive tape is available in three types of packaging in 1/2-inch to 3-inch sizes. (888) 837-TAPE; www.omegamedicalproducts.com.

d08a.jpg (11320 bytes)Tube Compensation Option
Mallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, announces the availability of its new Tube Compensation (TC) software option, an enhancement to the Puritan-Bennett® 840™ Ventilator, that provides an improvement in spontaneous breathing through an endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube. With TC, a positive pressure is delivered to the patient that is proportional to the inspiratory flow and internal diameter of the endotracheal or tracheostomy tube, thus assisting with the patient’s spontaneous breaths. The result is that the patient does not have to experience the resistive work caused by the artificial airway. (800) 635-5267; www.mallinckrodt.com.